Chapman University

Chapman University is a small private university located in Southern California. Since its founding in 1861, Chapman has grown into a highly regarded university that attracts undergraduate and graduate students from all over the United States and different backgrounds and countries from all over the world.

While most of their site is responsive, their campus map was not. It was crucial to develop an interactive map since the page is one of the most frequently used and receives a high percentage of mobile device views.

Original Map

I was hired by the firm Barkley REI to rethink how the current map would work and look on different devices. I started the process by researching interactive map options and how a new iteration of the Chapman University map could be improved. I started with quick sketches, wireframes, and then prototypes.

On the main map, you have three choices at the top and the user can click on either the landmarks, virtual tour, or shuttle. On the landmark section, the user finds several options to locate different buildings and areas around campus. Once a site is selected, pins are dropped on the map. The pins are clickable and give the user more information about each place. This format was used in other sections of the map to give users the pertinent information at their finger tips.