Carlow University

Carlow University is a liberal arts institution of approximately 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students located in Pittsburgh, PA. I created and maintained all components of the university-wide website - a responsibility I approached collaboratively having solicited input from faculty, administration, department heads and university staff. I also designed original web content for social media and communications purposes.

  • Content Strategy | Prototyping | Responsive Design

While at Carlow, my team was in charge of undertaking a responsive overhaul to the university's entire website, a project consisting of more than 2,500 pages. We demonstrated the website's value to multiple university stakeholders as to why the site needed to be mobile friendly. We presented evidence to show the site's mobile use had grown by 50% and went on to exhibit our problem-solving solutions for success.

Behind the scenes, the new pages were released piece by piece. I was in charge of updating content with fresh design concepts and new photography while working closely with developers, a partnership that allowed for valuable collaboration as communication and feedback toward the developers' plans was key to success. The final site was launched in December 2015.